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Pushing product through the streets of Philadelphia, Guiseppe was a young fish monger with a dream. Moving from Sicily, Italy, Guiseppe envisioned owning and growing his seafood business to provide for his family in America. Working day and night, he devoted his life to catering to his customer’s seafood needs. Slowly but surely his business grew and so did his family. Guiseppe, his wife Concetta, and their four children all worked hard together to establish Ippolito’s, Philadelphia’s corner seafood retailer. Guiseppe was a hardworking man and he was my grandfather.

At the age of 13, my mother Rose, my grandfather’s eldest child, managed the store on 13th and Dickinson. She soon became immersed in the seafood business, buying and selling with her father. She eventually ran the whole business. As business was booming, our growth increased and so did our family. Everybody in our family worked in the business; my uncles, aunts, cousins, and myself. No one was exempt, and we soon found seafood to be our entire family’s way of life. We worked, ate, and loved seafood.
Join the fast-growing, fast-moving Samuels and Son Seafood team. We’re always looking for talented, hard-working Associates ready to work shoulder to shoulder with our experienced staff to help meet and exceed our customer’s needs.
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