Employer Quick Look
Founded in 2003 and based in Alpharetta Georgia, TeamOne Logistics designs and manages integrated workforce solutions that minimize the liability, cost, and complexity of your logistics enabled business.

In logistics, no matter the scale of your operation, your “human infrastructure” should be a key asset in separating you from the competition.  Especially for companies enabled by trucking, where in large fleets annual driver turnover rates can exceed 100%, and complex federal regulations are changing how and when drivers can operate.

TeamOne Logistics has a unique “employer of record” model which eliminates most liability for the end customer, while creating savings and flexibility without loss of operational control.  Our integrated workforce solution also leverages logistics recruiters located throughout the U.S. to help you grow. TeamOne Logistics is a nationally recognized workforce expert for the logistics industry, currently serving customers in 87 locations, and employing 800 employees across 29 states.

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